August 10th 2017 Report From Kees & Claire Hut Site

The first week of August saw a huge transformation on site… from torn earth to a neatly prepared excavation. The full footprint of the hut was opened up, and excavated materials were stored around the perimeter. All the large rocks were separated into piles. Many are only movable by machine. They will be used creatively for retaining. The sandy till was stockpiled, ready for backfill. The organic topsoil was carefully set aside and tarped. It will be used to top-dress the area at the end.

The piles of rocks on the uphill side of the site are regularly explored by the local marmots.

Photo by Reid Madiuk

A 1000lb tamper was flown into the site. Trevor MacDonald employed it over the entire excavated footprint, leaving a clean compacted surface.

Reid Madiuk photo

Our architect, Don Stuart, visited the site on Aug 2 to better understand the revised positioning of the hut. Rotating the hut slightly southwards avoided most of the bedrock, but some still protrudes into the hut basement. It may be drilled and split.

Photo by Don Stuart

Matt Allard and Owen Perley from Bennett Land Surveying visited the site to layout the new position of the hut and then formwork began in earnest. The team accomplished a lot in just a few days. Then Ivan Chu, our geotechnical engineer from JECTH Consultants, arrived to do a sub-grade inspection. He gave final recommendations to Robert Malczyk and Shawn Kennedy, our structural engineers at Equilibrium Consulting.

Photo by Reid Madiuk

So what’s next? The forms will be finished this week and the first concrete pour for the footings will happen on August 16. It should be an amazing day with two helicopters flying in rotation! Afterwards, the surveyors will return to layout the walls on the footings. Then it’s on to forming the walls, using large Styrofoam blocks, called insulated concrete forms (ICF).

We still need lots of volunteers to help on site, preferably with experience in carpentry, placing rebar, pouring concrete, waterproofing walls, laying drainage. General labourers and carpenter’s helpers are very welcome too. If you have a few days available, consider coming up. See the volunteer schedule and sign-up.

Kees and Claire Hut Team

Project Management – Caulus Consulting
Site Supervision – Coast Essential Construction

Architect – Don Stuart Architect
Building Envelope – Reid Jones Christoffersen
Structural – Equilibrium Consulting
Geotechnical – JECTH Consultants
Mechanical / Electrical – Smith and Andersen
Grey water – Trax Developments
Water – Opus Dayton Knight
Quantity Surveying – Armstrong Moore
Land Surveying – Bennett Land Surveying
Monitoring  – Triton Environmental
Excavation – North Construction
Helicopters – Blackcomb Helicopters
Helicopters – Airspan