Heading Outdoors? Leave a Plan.

NO ONE EVER expects to get into trouble outdoors. But, a turn in the weather, mistake in judgment, unexpected injury or equipment failure can quickly change any recreational outing into a crisis. Does anyone know where you have gone and when you expect to return? Have you completed a TRIP PLAN and sent it with a friend or family member?

Completing a trip plan is extremely important. It explains your destination, travel route, equipment and expected return time. It is vital information to assist authorities searching for you in the event of an emergency.

With the AdventureSmart Trip Plan app you can easily create trip plans and send them to your family and friends. The app is available free in the Apple App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices, and can also be accessed from any web browser.

Always send your trip plan to a responsible party, family member or friend. They can notify authorities if you don’t return.

To learn more visit AdventureSmart.ca and @BCAdvSmart on social media.