Kees and Claire Hut Construction Update – July 6-15, 2018

Camp is Underway

After a delay waiting for materials, our crew eagerly went back in to establish the full camp on July 6. The weather was not kind. Nevertheless the full complement of tents was erected and people made themselves at home. We need to thank MEC for the donation of five new comfortable tents! The bright orange colour is very photogenic.

The camp is up and running with a new cook tent and sleeping tents. Photo by Bobby Wallace.

Tanks, tanks and more tanks

The potable water, septic, urine and wastewater tanks were lowered into the basement by long-line. Later on they’ll be plumbed, but we’re glad to have them in, before we build a floor above them.

The white wastewater, blue septic and green potable water tanks arrive. Photo by Bobby Wallace.

The Hammers Start Swinging

With a gorgeous view of the Spearhead Range and Russet Lake, carpenters set to work framing the floor in the north bay. That’s the location of the generator and battery rooms, and also the waste collection room under the toilets.

Volunteer Bobby Wallace stands on the floor of the Generator Room. Photo by Evan Kellington.

Steel Arrives

The first batch of galvanized steel was installed by Wide Open Welding on July 13. The steel posts and beams support the south end of the hut and the south exit stair. With those in place, we’re now ready for wood framing to start. On July 16, personnel from BC Passive House will coordinate the lift of prefabricated framing panels from our staging area at the base of the Harmony chair. The installation of the basement walls will begin!

Steel columns and beams will support the bunkroom floor above. Photo by Tasso Lazaridis.

Special Thanks to the Volunteers and Cooks

Thank you to Rhonda Netzel and Cole Churchill for overseeing the lifts at both the heliport and Harmony. Thank you to our site volunteers from July 6-15: Stephen Chapman, David Brown, Larissa Satta, Jannilaine Cheng, Jay Hope, Charles Wright, David Hurley, Dugan Selkirk, Bobby Wallace, Evan Kellington, Ken McCance, Paul Stevenson, Tyler Wied, James Golding, Magda Szpala, Angie Woo, Jordan Trustham, and Ziemek Trzesicki. And many thanks to our dear cooks, Kim Eijdenberg, Marlene Ford and Bridget Daley, for keeping everyone fed and happy.

Cook Kim Eijdenberg and volunteer David Brown chat by the mess tent. Photo by Bobby Wallace.

Summer Is Here… Come On Up!

We’re still looking for more volunteers in the weeks ahead… especially carpenters and other skilled trades. The schedule goes right through until late October. Shifts run Monday to Friday and Friday to Monday, with flights at 8:00am from the Whistler Heliport. Pick a shift that intrigues you. See: