Kees and Claire Hut Construction Update – November, 2018

Cladding, Cladding, Cladding

With the threat of fall storms, the focus turns to cladding as much of the hut exterior as possible. Corrugated steel cladding arrives on site from Westform Metals, and trims and flashings are custom bent by Flynn Canada. The primary focus is the long and tall east wall and then the north wall, which will get drifted in. The south wall is more complex, with all the supports for the future solar panels to be worked out. Given the protection from the roof overhang and the deck, the west wall is the lowest priority. With two different types of cladding and different interfaces, we bring in Hauser Cladding to lead the charge and back them up with lots of good volunteers. In the end, the east and north walls are completed. The south and west walls will go through winter protected by membrane and get clad next year.

Cause for celebration! The first sheet of corrugated cladding goes on the east wall. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

Cladding continues down the length of the east wall. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

Pale grey Longboard cladding provides contrast at key windows. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

The scaffolding comes down to reveal the entire east elevation complete. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

A Touch of Wood
For safety sake, work begins on the wood guardrail along the west deck. The wood decking is notched to receive the 6×6 cedar posts. Then the posts are bolted to the perimeter steel C channel. Temporary top and mid rails are added, until the final cedar rails arrive.

Joey Davis notches the decking, so the 6×6 cedar posts can be bolted flush to the C channel. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

The posts are complete, but wait for the final top rails and infill panels. Photo by Tasso Lazaridis

Work turns to completing the roof soffit with Longboard cladding, made by Mayne Inc. The product is 100% donated and we are incredibly grateful for this huge contribution. Made of aluminum, it is sure to be maintenance free for years. There are several colour choices, and we choose an imitation wood. The warmth is a lovely contrast to the cool greys of the corrugated steel.

Installation of the Longboard soffit over the west entry deck. Photo by Tasso Lazaridis.

The Longboard soffit on the east elevation. Photo by Reid Madiuk.

Steel caps are installed to protect the ends of the glulam beams. Photo by Tasso Lazaridis.

Flying in All Kinds of Weather
Come October, the weather is more uncertain. Some flights are delayed by a day and people wait patiently to get in …or for that matter get out. More people choose to hike out. Two shifts are scrubbed. Some flights sneak in under bands of clouds, and others are blessed with clear skies.

Heading out after the Thanksgiving weekend. Photo by Carol Evenchick.

Approaching the hut from the north. Photo by Anthony Bonello.

The east elevation of the hut bathed in morning sun. Photo by Anthony Bonello.

The south and west elevations, with views to Russet Lake and the Spearhead Range. Photo by Anthony Bonello.

Time to Pack Up
With more and more snow coming, it’s time to take down the scaffolding and clear up the site. The purchased scaffolding and the scaffolding generously donated by Skyline Scaffold will stay for next year’s work. Rented scaffolding must be flown out to the valley. Scrap metal and other construction waste is bundled and boxed. The remaining tent platforms are disassembled, leaving no trace of our original camp. The kitchen tent comes down. Materials and supplies are tidied inside.

The scaffolding comes down in less than ideal conditions. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

The last tent platform is disassembled and the lumber, stored up at the hut. A magnet is used to gather all of the nails. Photo by Lawrence McIntosh.

Materials are stacked and bundled. Lumber stays but the scaffolding will be long-lined out. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

Thanks to Our Volunteers
From Oct 1 to Nov 7, many thanks to: Colin Boyd, Jacob Boyd, Max Barnard, Joey Davis, Carol Evenchick, Lawrence McIntosh, Cyrus Kangarloo, Marc Plumb, Lisa Chessari, Danny Fleischhacker, Michael Kelly, Polly French, Greg Williamson, Craig Smith, Glen Trickett, Pete Preissl, Tom Vanderhoek, Ian McGillivray, Bruce Cassels, Bill Oliver, Brendan Delaney, Damian Cromwell, David Brown, Chris Glavin, James Golding, Andre Charland, Anthony Bonello, Sietse Breedijk, Ryan Oakden, Don Stuart, Leigh Rollins, Manrico Scremin, Mike Douglas, Mike Gamble, Ian McNab, Bob Mountford, Kurt Mueller, Kyle Leitch, Ove Albinsson, Rhonda Netzel, Brent Henderson and Tim Cowin.

The last crew hikes out through the snow on October 28. Photo by Andre Charland.

So long summer 2018. Here comes winter!