Kees and Claire Hut Construction Update – Oct 1, 2018

Time to Wrap It Up
As September turns to rain, we scurry to close all the gaps, to waterproof and seal every opening, and skin the entire building in membrane and insulation. The cold plywood roof is completed and then SLG Contracting comes in to install the standing-seam metal roofing. Site measurements are taken, so the metal fascias and all the window flashings can be made to order. The corrugated cladding arrives on site.

The first metal roof panels are installed. Photo by Tasso Lazaridis.

We are incredibly grateful to Flynn Canada and Dan Geddes for the donation of the metal standing seam roofing. Photo by Tasso Lazaridis.

Rails by Snow Management Systems will retain snow on the roof. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

The metal fascias are installed at the roof perimeter. Photos by Trevor MacDonald.

Keeping out the Rain and the Cold
The exterior envelope consists of layers of membrane, insulation, hat track and then metal cladding. Every window, door, vent and bracket on all four sides of the building needs attention before the big sheets can go on. That means working up high on the scaffolding.

The tall east wall of the hut receives a Soprema peel and stick membrane. Photo by Tasso Lazaridis.

Exterior insulation, 2” thick Rockwool Comfortboard, is applied to the exterior walls. Photo by Reid Madiuk.

All attachments to the exterior walls are membraned and flashed. Photo by Reid Madiuk.

Flashing and insulation are completed around a window on the upper west deck. Photo by Don Stuart.

Once cladding is complete on the east wall, the priority will be the south, as weather and wind typically come from the southwest. Photo by Nick Gorjup.

A Sense of Arrival
The steel entry stairs and south fire exit stairs are fabricated by Wide Open Welding and galvanized, then flown in and erected on site.

Mesh treads will provide good grip in all weather and collect less snow. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

Electrical and Mechanical Work Begins
The days are shorter and colder now. It’s 0 degrees C at night and snow has arrived. It’s time to think about getting some power and heat into the building. Electrician Don Middleton and pipe fitter Ed Smith visit the site to figure out the best routes for cable and gas lines. Don installs the main electrical panel, runs cable to the construction generator, and installs outlets on each floor for power tools. Ed develops a plan for the propane installation. Engineer Jean-Sebastien Ratte and mechanical contractor Tanner Szucs assist with orders for louvers and other terminations. Our architect Don Stuart works with a supplier to source supports for the solar panels. The direct-vent heaters and the urine-solid separating toilets are soon ordered.

The main electrical panel is installed by Don Middleton. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

Mechanical boots and louvers for air intake and exhaust ducts are installed by Tanner Szucs of Mountain Men Mechanical. Photo by Reid Madiuk.

Three solid-urine separating toilets are ordered from Toilet Tech Solutions. We are so grateful to receive a community grant from Mountain Equipment Co-op towards the toilet system.

Life in the Green Mess Tent
The hut project has brought together a diverse group of volunteers. Most have come from the Sea to Sky area and from Greater Vancouver, but notably others have come from the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan. Everyone bonds together, working side by side and living in our tent village. Camp life includes hours sharing meals and socializing under the green glow of the mess tent.

Enjoying that last cup of coffee before starting the day. Photo by Leslie Peer.

Ian McGillivray, Lee Mounsey, and Kelvin Downs relax after dinner. Photo by Norman Laube.

Site supervisor Trevor MacDonald and volunteer Gillian Thomas have their hoods up and hands wrapped around hot drinks. Photo by Milton McCrystal.

There are a few dustings. Then the tents finally come down on a sunny dry day in late September. Camp moves inside the hut. Photo by Norman Laube.

Thanks to Our Volunteers
From Sept 1 to 30, many thanks to: Don Middleton, Ed Smith, Rob Withey, Kelvin Downs, Bruce Cassels, James Golding, Colin Garratt, Nicolas Pawlikowski, Norman Laube, Ross McCarter, Jonathan Skeels, Dave Scanlon, Ian McGillivray, Nigel Aspinall, Mitch Hamilton, Tanner Szucs, Nick Gorjup, Andrew Nordemann, David Scott, Don Stuart, Dan Geddes, Dallas Nemec, Ryan Young, Brett Rueff, Brendan Delaney, Rhonda Netzel, Brent Henderson and Tim Cowin.

Help Wanted
We’re still looking for skilled professionals with metal cladding and flashing experience. Please help us get weather-tight before winter snows shut us down. See: