Kees and Claire Hut Construction Update – September 1, 2018

The Roof Goes On …and On

A ton of work happened over the month of August, despite the challenges of smoky skies and lack of helicopters. In early August, all the larger helicopters in southwestern BC were actively nt off fire fighting. We waited two anxious weeks but finally found a Bell 212 from Parksville to lift in the final glulams and panels for the roof. What a relief to see the roof go on! Once the panels were assembled, the entire roof received a membrane, strapping and plywood sheathing, in preparation for the metal roofers from SLG Contracting.

All the strapping and plywood for the roof is painted with sealant. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

The membrane, strapping and plywood sheathing for the cold roof go on. Carpenters work in full harness for fall protection. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

It takes special rigging to fly in the 34 foot long metal roof panels and land them on the roof. Photo by Scott Geddes of SLG Contracting.

The fascias are built up with wood in preparation for the final metal fascias. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

On to Windows and Doors

All the openings in the walls …whether for windows, doors or mechanical louvers… have to be prepared with membranes and flashings. Dan Geddes from Flynn Canada comes in to mock up the first window opening, as an example. Professionals Milton McCrystal, Leslie Peer from Read Jones Christoffersen, and Tomas Vrbistan and Vojtech Blazik of High Concept Construction come in to move this entire work forward. The vinyl windows from Innotech are flown in vertically on steel racks. The exterior doors from Kolbe are flown in sandwiched with plywood. In three days, all the windows and half the exterior doors are installed.

All the Innotech windows are in, but still covered in protective film. Photo by Manrico Scremin.

Preparations for Cladding

Cladding requires access to the entire building surface… almost at once. So scaffolding is rented, flown in and assembled to get people safely up off the ground. The wood decking is installed on the entry deck, providing access along the west side. The walls need peel and stick membrane, insulation and hat tracks before the steel cladding can go on. All this is underway, as August comes to an end.

A peel and stick membrane is applied to the north wall. Photo by Manrico Scremin.

Scaffolding is assembled four stages high along the east wall to access the upper level and fascia edge. Photo by Trevor MacDonald.

It’s All Got To Get Here Somehow

Some items are purchased locally, but many things have to come from suppliers farther afield. So behind the scenes, there are couriers and truckers darting across the city and racing up the highway for us. Some materials fly from the heliport and others are shuttled up Whistler Mountain. It all gets built into loads and lifted into the site.

The metal roofing is ready to leave the yard at Flynn Canada. Photo by Jose Goncalves.

Take it away! A load of plywood is lifted onto the roof. Photo by Milton McCrystal.

Thanks to Our Volunteers

From August 1 to 31, many thanks to: Matt Barry, Joseph Lenz, Ossie Long, James Roberts, Graham Drinnan, Henry Yeigh, Robert Toole, Brian Haire, Fergie Cancade, Stephen Hall, James Golding, Joel Barde, April Lane, Ethan Kaufman, Henry Van Hell, James Bremner, James Roberts, Tony Thornburn, Cisca Harrison, Jeremy Valeriote, Britt Martin, Dan Geddes, Jose Goncalves, Dallas Nemec, Ferdinand Reinstadler, Tyler Wied, Varun Palengetira, Dallas Hordichuk, Alex Baylak, Michael Baier, Kaio Kathriner, Milton McCrystal, John Blachut, Dustin Smart, Leslie Peer, Gillian Thomas, Don Middleton, Ed Smith, Dan Lyons, Keaton Carlson, Bob Mountford, Bill Moore, Henry deJong, Ken Hardinge-Rooney, Cameron Hardinge-Rooney, Stephen McVeigh, Dave McCallum.

Weather is less dependable now and camp won’t be outside much longer. Photo by Keaton Carlson.

Help Wanted

We’re still looking for skilled volunteers with carpentry and metal cladding experience. Please help us get weather-tight before the snows arrive in October. Click here: