Macbeth Hut

The next hut to be built as part of the 3 hut system will be located on Mt Macbeth, at the approximate mid point of the Spearhead Traverse. This upcoming hut was made possible by an extremely generous donation from Brian and Andrea Thomas Hill.

The designer and engineers for the hut have been engaged and schematic design work is underway. Construction on site is expected to begin in summer 2021.

The hut at Mt Macbeth will be the smallest of the 3 huts, given its more remote location with shorter seasonal access. It will be situated in more technical terrain and will require much longer approaches in summer and winter than the Kees and Claire Hut. As such we anticipate it will house approximately 20-30 people.

Watch this space for more details and updates as the preparation for this amazing hut gets going.


Taking a break at the hut location on Mt Macbeth. Looking towards the Overlord Glacier. Photo by Liz Scremin.


Skiing towards the hut site on Mt Macbeth. The hut will be positioned towards the ridge on the far right of the image. Photo by Liz Scremin.


A rendering prepared by Chad Manley in the very early stages of the project. The hut form itself is only a placeholder, but it is an effective way of showing the hut location.


Cheesy summit selfie on Mt Macbeth. Photo by Jamie Bond.