May 2012: Proposal

The Spearhead Huts Committee submitted an unsolicited proposal for the Spearhead Huts System to BC Parks at the end of May 2012. The Proposal had five components, which can be viewed by clicking on the following links. This is a PROPOSAL ONLY. Designs are conceptual only, proposed hut locations are subject to change, and the project has not yet been approved by BC Parks.

The contents of the Proposal (hut locations and designs and trail routes) were conceptual only and subject to change. However, the Proposal was an excellent basis for discussion with BC Parks and the public. It kick-started an internal process by BC Parks: the Amendment of the Garibaldi Park Management Plan. The Amendment took approximately 16 months to complete and was made public in February 2014. The final version included a mandate for a system of huts in the park. If you wish to comment on any part of the Proposal, please contact the Spearhead Huts Committee at