November 2015 Project Status

  • Park Use Permit is Near – We are excited to be in the very final stages of developing and signing the Parks Use Permit with BC Parks and the Alpine Club of Canada, which is a critical milestone before proceeding further with this project.
  • Design Update – Schematic design for the first hut (Russet Lake location) is in progress by our architects Don Stuart and Chad Manley.
  • Site Visits – Late this summer, architects and committee members visited the Russet Lake area to review specific siting options for the hut, study approaches, views, sun angles, access to water, etc. In October, two representatives from the Lil’wat Nation completed an archaeological assessment of the hut site near Russet Lake. Also in October a qualified septic installer reviewed the terrain at the Russet hut site, looking at soil conditions and potential field locations for the hut’s wastewater system.
  • Research – Being done on the water system, foundation systems, material choices, and more. Lots to explore.
  • Volunteers needed – The project is really ramping up now that the Parks Use Permit is near and there is some substantial fundraising efforts still ahead. Please contact us to get involved with the project.