Pattison Hut

The 3rd and final hut within the Spearhead Huts system will be located on the north end of the range (closest to Blackcomb). It will be situated close to the summit of Mt Pattison and will be accessible in summer and winter.

The size and form of this hut has not yet been determined but will likely be similar in size to the Macbeth Hut due to the site limitations.

We are commencing fundraising for this hut and are seeking a primary naming donor in addition to any other available donations or assistance. In an ideal scenario we would commence design work in the summer of 2021, subject to funding. 

**For hut placement only.** A rendering by Chad Manley from the very early stages of project planning. While the hut form is now just a placeholder, it still effectively shows the hut location.
Setting up camp at the Mt Pattison future hut site. Photo by Liz Scremin.