Request for Qualifications for a Fundraising Professional

Our Need

The Spearhead Huts Committee seeks an expert to provide strategic guidance and the professional services necessary to generate the funds to build 3 backcountry huts. 

The Fundraising Professional (FP) we need will have experience and strengths in the following areas:

  • Highly engaging and personable spokesperson presence suitable for 1:1 funding appeals
  • Development and implementation of strategies for large multi-year fundraising campaigns, including plans to attract support across a spectrum of funding methods and sources.
  • Preparation of fundraising proposals for foundations and corporate support and follow-up reports as required by individual funders.
  • Development and organised implementation of media strategies (local and national) and marketing campaigns which involve individuals of high net worth, corporations and outreach to other related communities.
  • Drafting of supporting materials such as presentation folders for very small group meetings with potential donors, slide decks, press releases, editorials, and online content.
  • Stellar track record of working in a close, collaborative team setting, providing initiative(s) and momentum with an open, commincative style.
  • Design and coordination of events and announcements, arranging interviews and meetings
  • Familiarity with local government operations and the way in which wilderness initiatives must interact with media.
  • Some personal experience with/in the wilderness and backcountry domain and/or the culture of the outdoor industry.
  • Experience working with outdoor clubs, non profits, wilderness foundations, environmental groups or similar.
  • Ability to plan ahead of time and to parse work load to leverage our volunteers’ skills and time, staying calm and focussed during our events.

The successful candidate will be comfortable working in and with a team which will depend heavily on his or her leadership, initiatives and experience. Our team will include members and volunteers with experience with social media, fundraising, event planning / management and previous successful Alpine Club of Canada hut funding campaigns.

Please contact:
Andre Charland, 778 999 9287 or

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