The Committee


The Spearhead Huts Committee is comprised of several different interest groups and clubs all sharing a common goal – to create a world-class backcountry hut system in Garibaldi Provincial Park. The shared objectives of the hut system itself are to increase the comfort and safety of backcountry travelers, minimize environmental impact on the area, leave a lasting legacy for passionate local skiers who have lost their lives in the mountains, and enable other backcountry enthusiasts to experience this outstanding region.

The Spearhead Huts Committee members and member organizations include:

Kees and Claire Memorial Hut Society

Active committee members and avid skiers Jamie Bond, Karen Newby and Tobin Seagel are all directors of the Kees and Claire Memorial Hut Society; a group of friends devoted to building a lasting memorial legacy for Cornelius ‘Kees’ Brenninkmeyer and Claire Dixon.

Brett Carlson Memorial Foundation

Whistler/Squamish based skier/photographer/carpenter Damian Cromwell acts as representative for the Brett Carlson Memorial Foundation; a group formed in 2000 to raise funds for a memorial hut dedicated to passionate Whistler skier Brett Carlson.

Alpine Club of Canada – Whistler

Long-time Whistler skiers/guides/residents Mitch Sulkers, Jayson Faulkner, and Keith Reid represent the Whistler Section of the Alpine Club of Canada. As current Chair of ACC-Whistler, Mitch Sulkers and his Section will be ultimately responsible for the operation and maintenance of the hut system. Jayson Faulkner chairs the Spearhead Hut Committee and serves as liason with the public and BC Parks. Brigitte Mah assists with secretarial and communications tasks.

Alpine Club of Canada – Vancouver

A number of keen members of the ACC-Vancouver Section are contributing their valuable experience to the Spearhead Huts Committee. Past-chair Rob Brusse brings extensive vision and financial management skills, Manrico Scremin offers his business writing and project management expertise, Sam Giroux provides Facebook communications, while Liz Scremin and Colin Boyd apply their design and construction experience from the Jim Haberl Hut Project to this exciting endeavour..

British Columbia Mountaineering Club

Past President David Hughes and current President David Scanlon represent the BCMC on the Committee, and bring the BCMC’s many years of hut development and management experience to the table.


Spearhead Huts Society

The Spearhead Huts Society will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the hut system.